Small Teams - BIG results

Results driven marketing and advertising

So who is ICBusiness 

ICBusiness is a Marketing Agency providing dynamic and diverse solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the UK, mainland Europe, Canada and New Zealand (our home). With offices in; Auckland, London, Canterbury (UK) & Montreal (soon to be moving to Toronto). We also have a base in Tuscany that allows us to work for Italian travel/accommodation businesses marketing into English markets and the big five countries marketing into Europe.

Why are we so successful?

Because we know staff make the business

Our pride is our staff

Our company’s, and our client’s, greatest asset (and our pride) is our staff! After all a company is only as good as the staff delivering the solutions and dealing with the clients. We ensure they are kept up-to-date with marketing techniques and trends as well as market success examples to ensure they are well informed and able to utilise any media they may need to deliver a successful campaign for your business.

A few of our current clients